Individual Product Pricing

Contact us for a specific quote for your product. Standard websites start at around $1200.00 USD (with payment plans available) and specialty sites (stores, back-end utility, etc.) at around $2500.00 USD. EVERY PROJECT IS DIFFERENT and unlike our competition we don’t sell pre-built fill-in, color by # websites. WE TAILOR IT TO YOU.

Full Solution Pricing

The first questions we often hear is, “how much?” And our answer is always the same, “Well, what do you want?”

We don’t do packages pre-built to meet your financial needs. We create strategy tailored to meet your financial needs plus your marketing goals. No two services are alike and every business has different objectives and starting points on the road to X.

The best we can do is give you an idea of some of the packages we have setup with our partners (our clients are partners as we both have goals that result in success for both parties).

Sample Full Solution Pricing

Package A for a medium business looking to expand its online presence:

  • Connector.

    Video Editing

    4 Professional Video Edits (client submitted)

  • Connector.

    Graphical Work

    12 hours of graphical services

  • Connector.

    Social Media Management

    5 Custom Posts per week on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (upon request) + 3 reposts + 3 exterior content posts

  • Connector.

    Web Maintenance

    From maintenance, to downtime and all the way to updates: Your sites will be taken care of at all times.

  • Connector.

    Office Solutions

    Powerpoint designs, Document designs… anything you and your team needs as far as making your company look sleeker and better – we can help!

  • Connector.

    Internal Mail Campaigns

    Send out memos, reminders, alerts and announcements in an elegant and professional manner. Completely managed by us, all you have to do is send the text and we take care of the rest!

  • Connector.

    E-mail Campaigns

    E-mail Campaigns targeting your acquired leads analyzed, managed and executed by our team of marketing professionals. Get reports, updates and insights into how to cater to your leads as efficiently as possible.

Total Cost: $1050/month

Half the cost of a part-time employee gets you a team of dedicated professionals. You can’t beat that.

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