Are you running your company’s social media? A relative perhaps? An employee with other responsibilities?

What happens when you or they get busy? What comes first? If you value your social media presence, let someone who values the role handle it.


1. Over 75% of all Internet users use social media. Social media sites used to be an auxiliary territory in Internetland, but it’s become clear that these kinds of sites are now the bread and butter of modern Web activity. They make up a sizable portion of all Web traffic.

2. For younger users, Instagram is more important than Facebook and Twitter. While Facebook and Twitter are still the reigning leaders, their mainstream status means that the younger generation considers them “old school”.

3. YouTube is massive, but Facebook is still bigger. Everyone knows that Google is the most-visited website in the world, but no one would blame you if you thought YouTube came in second. As popular as it is, it’s still outranked by Facebook.

The above-linked poll of Web users found that 77% use Facebook, 63% use YouTube, 25% use LinkedIn, 24% use Google Plus, and 21% use Twitter. In hard numbers, YouTube has a little over 1 billion monthly users while Facebook has over 1.5 billion monthly users. The difference is significant.


We will help you reach your current and potential audiences on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. We will create custom content for your brand. We will separate your company from your competition. While their secretaries manage their social media presence, you’ll have experts helping you take over their shortcomings.

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